Learn how to become a ComplyManger™ Partner:

Earn cash as a ComplyManager affiliate partner!  In three simple steps, you can receive commissions without having to worry about shipping orders, answering customer questions or investing a dime.  We do all that for you.  All we ask is that you send people to our website.  If one of them joins, you earn up to 15%.

Partnering with ComplyManager is free.  First, complete our online form here.  Then, place our links on your website.  When you refer a new client, we pay you.  Three easy steps!  Kolimbo handles the entire affiliate program, from tracking to payment reporting, ensuring that you receive all the commissions you earn in a timely manner.

Your commission percentage is based upon the sales you generate each month:

•    Earn 10 percent commissions on total monthly sales of $0 - $499.
•    Earn 12 percent commissions on total monthly sales of $500 - $999.
•    Earn 15 percent commissions on total monthly sales of $1000 or more.

Each month you earn $25 dollars or more in commissions, you’ll get a check approximately 30 days after that month ends.  If your earnings total less than $25, then you will receive a check after the end of the following month in which your total earnings reached $25.

Start making money today!  Click to apply.

For additional information, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.